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Miller Meteor - The Complete Illustrated History
by Thomas A. McPherson

In the spring of 2010, Iconografix, one of America’s most highly respected publishers of transportation books, will be launching the biggest and most comprehensive professional car history book ever. This tome documents the history of one of nation’s largest and most admired professional car manufacturers and is actually a trilogy documenting, in detail, the story of three separate companies that had an extraordinary impact on evolution and development of the American professional car.

In 1957, two of the oldest and most illustrious names in the North American funeral car and ambulance industry merged to form a professional car manufacturing powerhouse. Right out of the gate, Wayne Corporation’s Miller-Meteor Division charged into the front rank of this specialized, highly competitive niche industry. The Miller-Meteor chronicle is a most compelling one but, Miller-Meteor is really the story of three companies - one of which could trace its roots back to the days of the horse-drawn hearse the other to the dawn of America’s motor age.

Founded by Amos Miller in 1853, the A.J. Miller Company started out making a wide range of hand-crafted, buggies, surreys, wagons, hearses and other horse-drawn vehicles eventually became an automotive body builder and then evolved into one of the most prolific manufacturers of funeral cars and ambulances in the country. Miller was a styling leader, an innovator and a respected name in this highly competitive segment of the American automotive industry. Through the years, Miller-Built funeral coach and ambulance bodies graced the chassis of some of America’s most famous brands including Buick, Cadillac, Chrysler, LaSalle, Nash, Oldsmobile, Packard, Pierce-Arrow and Studebaker. Inspired styling and mass-production techniques made Miller funeral cars and ambulances among the most popular in the country.

Established in Piqua, Ohio in 1913, the Meteor Motor Car Company was founded by a dynamic individual who had become involved in the development of the automobile at an early age. Employing unorthodox marketing, production and sales techniques and turning out high-quality, well-priced equipment, Meteor dominated the American professional car market for over a decade and quickly became the world’s largest manufacturer of ambulances and funeral cars – at the same time dabbling in such diverse products as phonographs and sleek, wooden speedboats! Like Miller, over the years, Meteor’s coachwork could be found on the chassis of some of America’s most prestigious marquees.

Acquired by industrial conglomerate the Wayne Works of Richmond, Indiana in the early 1950s, A.J. Miller and Meteor were soon forged into a single, powerful entity that would brazenly challenge rival professional car manufacturers for industry dominance over more than two decades. Miller-Meteor rocketed into the front ranks of the highly competitive professional car marketplace of the late 1950s and on to a leadership position by the end of the 1960s by employing innovative engineering, quality craftsmanship and advanced styling elements combined with intelligent marketing and pricing policies.

The only definitive book ever published on Miller-Meteor and its illustrious corporate predecessors, this tome is an unprecedented trilogy – a multi-faceted history of three fiercely independent companies, the unique segment of the motor industry in which they were involved, their charismatic leaders and, most of all, their unique products. This volume showcases hundreds of never-before published original factory photographs covering three truly remarkable, yet interwoven, company histories.

Thoroughly researched and authored, Miller-Meteor: The Complete Illustrated History is a fascinating, genuinely exciting corporate and product development saga conceived to illuminate a largely undocumented -- and underappreciated – chapter in the annals of the American automobile industry. This volume will be a vital reference source for libraries, funeral directors, ambulance operators, automotive historians, professional vehicle enthusiasts, and anyone involved in or enamored with America’s funeral car and ambulance industry.

About the Author

Thomas A. McPherson is one of the best-known and most respected professional vehicle historians and authors in North America. In addition to his landmark American Funeral Cars and Ambulances Since 1900 – still considered the “bible” of the professional vehicle hobby – Tom McPherson has authored four other corporate histories of American funeral car and ambulance manufacturers with his definitive volumes: Flxible Professional Vehicles – The Complete History, The Eureka Company – A Complete History and Superior – The Complete History and The Henney Motor Company – A Complete History. McPherson has also written numerous feature articles on professional cars, their manufacturers and the history and development of these specialized vehicles for funeral service and antique vehicle publications throughout North America. His extensive knowledge of the vehicles and the professional car business has earned him the title of being the “official industry historian” from the manufacturers themselves. As such, he has been the recipient of many company's photographic and literature archives over the years which he has made available through his many books and other published works. McPherson resides in Toronto, Ontario.

About the Publisher

Iconografix was formed in 1992 as a publishing company specializing in books for transportation enthusiasts. Publishing in a number of different areas, the massive Iconografix catalogue includes books detailing the histories of automotive marquees, automobile racing, buses, professional vehicles, construction equipment, emergency equipment, farming equipment, railroads and trucks. The Iconografix imprint is constantly growing and expanding into new subject areas and currently contains books authored by many of the leading experts in specific transportation fields.

With rich, well researched texts and outstanding reproduction of original and often never before seen photographic images, Iconografix has quickly become the number one source for photographs and reliable information for transportation enthusiast’s world-wide. is the consumer sales division of Iconografix Inc. This popular website was established in July 2005 with about 300 titles and now contains over 6,500 titles from over 400 publishers. Iconografix, Inc. is also the parent company of The Transportation Book Service. For more information please contact:

About the Book

Miller Meteor - The Complete Illustrated History by Thomas A. McPherson
Published by: Iconografix, Inc P.O. Box 446 Hudson, Wisconsin 54016
Hardbound, 320 pages, 8.5" x 11" (portrait)
Approximately 1,000 photographs including a color gallery
Price: $79.95 Available: April 15, 2010 Contact:

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